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18 Tips for Advertising for Escorts Scotland

1. Recent and real escorts photos.

Real photos are a must have, together with selfies and the result is a 100% believable profile, that no one will even question. For extra authentication, use the "Verify photos" and get your profile certified from us, by sending a picture of you with our website name and the current date, as well as your face! You will then get a "Verified" stamp, proving you are genuine.

2. Use high quality pictures.

The successful escort knows the importance of pictures. Picture describe yourself and what your pictures tell about you is what your clients are paying for. Hire a professional photographer, and let him know your intention to sell yourself as an adult "pro". Without necessarily telling the truth, he should understand. Some photographers specialize in erotic art work.
Do not fall into the Black and white trap, no ones fall for that these days in this business. Ensure you always have the pictures taken on a media you have full control on. You don't want those pictures to end up in the internet without your knowledge. Furthermore, make sure you keep at all times an eye on the media (Usually SD Cards) to make sure the photographer is not making illegal copies.
Have contract, and make sure you own the rights to the pictures at 100%.

3. Vary your outfits.

Sexy lingerie is great and erotic, however some men will want to invite you to a diner. How can you have diner in lingerie? At least 30% of your pictures should depict you in a luxury "dining out" atmosphere, so your client know what type of dresses you could wear on a romantic date.
One bikini shoot is not totally out of place, however make sure it's made in a 5 stars hotel with a luxury swimming pool.
Not all lingerie is create equal, use your most expensive underwear set, stockings and high heels.

4. Original settings for unoriginal services.

If you provide BDSM service, make sure some of your pics actually show you in such an outfit, with the appropriate gears, corset, leather goods or PVC suits, whatever fits your taste, including whips and/or floggers.
Role-play will require you to have at least one if not two pictures of yourself wearing a "Kinky officer", "seductive fairy", or "sexy bunny" outfit.

5. Convincing and original text. 

Employ the services of a professional writer to have your text ready once and for all, and don't forget to familiarize yourself with the vocabulary, keywords such as "GFE" should have no secret to you, including A-Level, OWO and such specialized niche business "aka"s. Your clients will be familiar with this, and you should know immediately what they refer to by "outcall service" or "incall quickie".

6. Grammar and spelling errors. 

These days everyone has access to a spell-checker. Grammatical or spelling mistakes in your text show that (unless intentionally placed in a sexy context) you did not even take the time to correct your text. For the best potential punters this mistake may cost you a lot of potential earnings in the long run.

7. Focus On your clients. 

You are offering an expensive service for which men are prepared to pay a substantial amount of money. Never forget this and do not come across as patronizing. Setting some safety nets is all right, but looking at them from above is not. After all don't forget there are thousands of other ladies in competition with you, all as attractive and some really cheaper. Be cool and know how to feel them at ease, and encourage them to be relaxed. Become their confident and they will become your best returning clients!

8. Unique Tagline.

Golden rule: do not copy your tagline! Make it unique and yours, as close as possible to your personality, features and body style, so that viewers are not again thinking "I've seen that hundreds of times".

9. Vary your services.

First and foremost, escorts are expected to be more open minded than "normal ladies". As such if you cannot provided a high quality blow-job, perhaps you should move on and think about something else.
Where approximately 30% of "normal ladies" will provide A-Level (Anal sex), this percentage rises to 60% in the escort community.
The more services you provide, the more clients you will get. You can even get more clients than other more attractive escorts simply because clients will prefer trying something they are not allowed at home.

10. Update your profile(s) on a regular basis. 

Clients always want to try something new, hence the number of "touring escorts" on the internet. To eliminate this issue and always appeal the same clients again and again, you will have to make up for your sedentary life by changing your appearance. Like on facebook, changing your profile picture immediately attracts attention. Well in the escort world changing your main picture has the same effect.

11. Multimedia materials

Make use of modern technologies and where possible, use your phone to make sexy videos to post on your ads. Videos show far more than simple static pictures and have far more content about your personality. If not possible, a recording of your voice is also a very compelling feature.

12. Do your homework and select the best websites.

In the good old days, ladies would work in a private house well located in the town center, so potential tourists or business men would walk by and potentially enter.
In modern days this means utilizing the internet at its best, and posting your profiles everywhere possible on the most successful websites.

13. Create your own Escort Website. 

A lot of escort directories these days, give you a link to your own website. By not having any you are already losing a lot of clients, who would then spend more time admiring your creativity on your own escort website. Instead they will jump at the next profile and spend less time on yours.
Do not opt for a free escort website, but rather buy your own domain, and spend at least a bit of time learning how to modify the main content on it. Having your own site also makes it possible for you to offer links to others, as well as proposing to others to link to you.

14. The taste of luxury 

Target your audience appropriately. Regardless of your wishes, clients are clients, and not all of them are multi millionaires. However, by displaying yourself as an upscale attractive female, you will appeal to everyone.
The decision for clients to hire you or not will then be based on prices, and this you can change at any time, by being creative depending on market conditions.
Being geared towards to high end of the market will open you all doors. Use luxury lingerie and dresses for your pictures, high end sun glasses and such.

15. Protect your name

You surely wouldn't like it, your own mother to turn to you one Sunday during the family brunch and make a bad joke in front of the whole family!
Be sure to protect your identity:
– Have a second mobile number (if possible a dual SIM phone) and clearly separate your escort professional contacts from your provide ones.
– Likewise, if creating your own website, be sure to use a "Domain Privacy Service", so that no tech savvy in your close circle can ever find out about your escort life.

16. Phone numbers and emails 

As above, the best phones for this business are prepaid SIM cards, ideally obtained without an ID-card, especially if you live in the USA. If not check out online to "adopt" a phone number without having a physical SIM card.
Emails are these days easily anonymous. Chose an email address reflecting your "scene name" as closely as possible.

17. Conduct service with class. 

A lady is someone who knows how to dress, speak (And not chat-up), behave in public (And in privacy!) with class and femininity. Clients expect that and will pay incredibly high fees for those creatures of another style.
They are incredibly feminine and produce a high "magnet effect" with men. Use this at your convenience and enjoy the rewards!

18. Be a business woman, not a thief! 

There is nothing worse for a client than paying a substantial fee, only to see the lady run as soon as he is taking a shower. Be sure to only accept the clients with whom you are prepared to offer a "service".
Never never "take the money and run", this will cause incredible hate and revenge-seeking punters. Better to say "Sorry I don't feel like it finally", as at least this is a honest attitude.


Glossary of Terms related to Escort Scotland

69: or Sixty-nine is a sex position designed for mutual, simultaneous oral sex. Two people align themselves so that each person’s mouth is near the other’s genitals, simultaneously performing oral sex. The participants are thus mutually inverted like the numbers 6 and 9, hence the name. See also RO and OWO.
A-levels: Anal sex.
ATM: Ass to Mouth. A sex act popular in porn films that involves a man placing his cock in a woman’s anus then mouth. Also known as A2M.
Bareback: Penetrative sex without the protection of a condom. Often abbreviated to BB.
BBC: Acronym for Big Black Cock.
BBBJ: Bareback Blow Job – uncovered oral sex, not to be confused with Bareback sex, more a US term. See also OWO
BBW: Big Beautiful Woman. This is the term used by plus sized escorts, it is a euphemism for fat. A plumper escort for those that like the larger ladies. A BBW could be anything from size 14 up.
BBBW: Big Black Beautiful Woman. Large ladies that are of black ethnicity.
BDSM: Bondage, Discipline (or Dominance), Sadism, Masochism.
BFE: Boyfriend Experience. Sometimes used by male escorts. See also GFE.
BJ: Blow Job – Oral sex performed on a man’s penis.
Bukkake: An act that involves multiple men giving facials to a single woman, usually at a specialist Bukkake party.
Cam: Webcam sex, also know as Camming and those offering it are Cammers, 
CBT: Cock and Ball Torture – a slave places his penis and balls into a harness which restricts movement.
CD: Cross Dressing \ Cross Dresser – A man (or a woman) that wear clothes of the opposite gender.
CFNM: Clothed Female Naked Male.
CIM: Cum In Mouth – As the term implies, this consists of ejaculating in a woman’s mouth.
COB: Cum on Breasts – Ejaculating on a woman’s chest, often offered when an escort doesn’t want to spoil her make up with a Facial and so offers you her tits instead. COB can also refer to Cum on Body.
COF: Cum on Face – Another term for a Facial.
COT: Cum on Tits – Ejaculating onto a woman’s breasts.
Courtesan: Title used by ‘High Class’ escorts to justify their higher prices and more limited range of services.
CP: Creampie. The risky practice of bareback sex and subsequent ejaculation into the vagina (or anus). Popular in porn, but it is rare for escorts to do this.
DATY: Dining at the Y – This term appears on some WGs websites. It means performing cunnilingus on a woman. 
Deep Throat: When a man’s entire erect penis is inserted deep into their a woman’s mouth and into the throat.
DFK: Deep French Kissing – Passionate kissing with tongue deep in the other person’s mouth.
DP: Double Penetration – when a woman has two penises inserted, one in her anus and one in her vagina.
DSL: Dick Sucking Lips – Large, plump lips.
DT : Abbreviated term for Deep Throat.
Duo: A booking with two escorts, usually with lesbian interaction between them.
EB: Extraball. Cum more than once in a booking. Rarely used.
EE: East European, most commonly an escort from the newer EC countries of Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia or Romania, but can refer to any of the former Soviet Bloc countries, such as Russia, Ukraine or the Baltic States.
Extras: A prostitute may charge add-on services at an extra cost in addition to her normal fee. Common extras include: OWO, A-levels and Watersports.
Face Fuck: Thrusting the cock in and out of a woman’s mouth, often performed whiled holding the head.
Facesitting: Having a woman sit in your face, with or without her knickers on. Also known as Queening
Facial: Ejaculating on a woman’s face. Not always offered by escorts especially on shorter bookings as they have to re-do their make up before the next booking.
FBSM: Full Body Sensual Massage. The person giving the massage uses their whole body rather than just their hands.
Femdom: Female dominance or female domination. Used in relation to BDSM activities, implying the female is dominant in that scenario. Often abbreviated to FD.
FF: Fist Fuck or Fist Fucking. Inserting a fist into the vagina (or anus).
FFM: Female, Female, Male – A threesome involving 2 females and 1 male.
FJ: Foot Job. Being wanked off with a foot or feet.
FK: French Kissing using tongues but not as deep or vigorous as DFK
GB: Gang Bang. Basically, group sex.
GFE: Girlfriend Experience – an escort experience like being with a real girlfriend. There is no agreed list of services included, but you expect kissing or DFK, oral sex and full sex. It does not include the more adventurous services you would expect from a PSE or fetish services.
Happy Ending: Another term for a Hand Job, usually in connection with a massage and for an extra charge. Sometimes abbreviated to HE.
HJ: Hand Job
HR: Hand Relief – Another term for a Hand Job or a wank. HR is a term mainly used by massage parlours and masseuses to distance themselves from full sex escorting services.
HS: Hardsports. Also known as scat. An sex act that involves shit (usually being shat on or eating shit). See also Watersports.
Incall: Where you visit the escort in her flat or sometimes a hotel, which she will have booked and paid for. Usually cheaper than Outcall appointments as escorts do not have travel time and can therefore see more clients in a working day. They can also be more discreet as some agencies or escorts require additional security checks for outcall bookings.
Ladyboy: Another term for a shemale or Transgendered male.
LD: Lap Dance. A striptease where the female stripper rubs her genitals and breasts on a clothed sitting male. If performed in a strip club they usually have a “no touch” policy.
MF: Male Female – refers to a duo, involving a couple (male and female) and another prostitute.
MMF: Male, Male, Female – Refers to a threesome with two males and 1 female. The female is usually a prostitute.
NSA: No Strings Attached – A dating term meaning casual sex could be on offer.
O-Levels: Oral sex, a blow job.
Outcall: Booking where you ask an escort to visit your home or hotel room. Usually costs more than an incall to allow for travel time – some escorts or agencies also charge travelling expenses. Sometimes they ask for your real name as a security check to check you actually live there or with the hotel reception that you are a guest. For security reasons this makes them less popular unless you have confidence in the discretion of the agency or escort.
OW: Oral With – a blowjob with a condom on.
OWO: Oral Without – a blowjob without a condom on.
Quickie: A 15 minute booking with an escort. Some allow oral only (no sex) in this time.
Rimming: The act of using one’s tongue on the anal rim of another person in order to gain and/or give sexual pleasure.
RO: Reverse Oral, cunninlingus, oral sex performed on a woman. 
ROM: An abbreviated term for Romanian. 
RP: Roleplay\Roleplaying. Dressing up and acting out a scenario for sexual gratification.
Shemale: See T-Girl
Snowballing: Swapping cum after oral sex from mouth to mouth, the cum mixes with saliva and increases in volume creating a “snowball effect”. There are a number of scenarios when snowballing occurs. Swapping a punter’s cum between two escorts as part of a duo or alternatively when a punter ejaculates into the escort’s mouth and then she passes his cum back into his mouth through kissing.
Squirter: A slang term for a woman that ejaculates vaginal fluid during orgasm.
Sub: Submissive. The passive partner in a BDSM scenario. See also: bottom.
Sybian: is a sex device in the form of a saddle with a remote controlled vibrator on top.  
Teabagging: A man dunks his bollocks in and out of his partner’s mouth while squatting over him\her.
Top: In BDSM the dominant partner, such as a Dominatrix or master. In the gay and TG community a person that gives anal sex.
Tour : In a  context a escort may spend a few days in another city (to where she is usually based) offering incalls, often from a hotel.
TS: Transsexual. 
TV: Transvestite – A man who dresses in woman’s clothes, often for sexual enjoyment. 
Watersports: The act of urinating on someone or being urinated on. Watersports can also involve urine drinking. Often abbreviated to WS


Sauna and Massage Parlors in Scotland


Erotic Massage Parlors

The Lane, 60 Robertson Street, Glasgow, G2 8LY. T. 0141 221 1802
New Blythswood, 41b York Street, Glasgow, G2 8JQ. T. 0141 204 3434
St Enoch Club, 56 Howard Street, Glasgow, G1 4EE. T. 0141 226 5258
Venus Sauna, 72 Sandyford Place Lane, Glasgow, G3 7HS. T. 0141 221 8722
Xanadu, 17 Royal Crescent, Glasgow, G3 7SL. T. 0141 332 2277

Strip Clubs

Diamond Dolls • 39 Mitchell Street • 01412263490
Forbidden • 96 Maxwell Street • 0141 221 4657
Platinum Lace • 24 Drury Street • 01412290714
Seventh Heaven • 15 Elmbank Gardens • 01412212272

Sex Shops

Silk Secrets, 01415721017. Fax: 01412210959. 308 Argyle Street
Ann Summers, 01412481218. 145-147 Argyle Street
Luke & Jack, ex Pillow Talk, 01415525699. 45 Virginia Street
Stuff, 01412263546. 100 Union Street
Adult Shop, 01415529774. 247 Gallowgate
Soho Books, 01415522594. 281 Gallowgate
Party Times, 01415528300. 212 London Road
Ann Summers, 08700534089. 102 Braehead Shopping Centre
Agent Provocateur, 01412212538. 213 Ingram St.
Ann Summers East Kilbride Store, 08700534056. 27b the plaza
Ann Summers, 08700534008. 55-57 Sauchiehall Street


Sauna and Massage Parlors

Ambassador Sauna 91 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, EH3 9AW T. 0131 229 3260  
Angels Sauna & Massage  52 Rose Street North Lane, Edinburgh, EH2 3DXT. 0131 220 5392 
Blair Street Sauna 30 Blair Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1QRT. 0131 226 2114 
Carols Sauna  320 Easter Road, Edinburgh, EH6 8JTT. 0131 554 0109 
Chers Private Club  28 West Annandale Street, Edinburgh, EH7 4JYT. 0131 557 8742 
Dun Eideann  168 Dundas Street, Edinburgh, EH3 5DTT. 0131 558 1559 
Executive Sauna 87-89 Rose Street Lane North, Edinburgh, EH2 3DXT. 0131 225 5149 
The Gentlemans Club  43 Comely Bank Place, Edinburgh, EH4 1ERT. 0131 332 3247 
London Street Sauna  41 London Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6LXT. 0131 556 8848 
The New Gentle Touch 40 Argyle Place, Edinburgh, EH9 1JTT. 0131 477 2647  
New Town Sauna  17B Hart Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3RNT. 0131 557 3616 
Paradise Sauna  55 Roseburn Terrace, Edinburgh, EH12 5NQT. 0131 346 8717 
Sauna Massage  9 Merchant Street, Edinburgh, EH1 2QDT. 0131 220 2069 
Scorpio Leisure  42 Albion Road, Edinburgh, EH7 5QUT. 0131 661 9944
Venus Sauna  Dyers Close, Edinburgh, EH1 2QDT. 0131 220 2509 

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The Scottish People
Aligned with Europe as proved the latest polls, Scottish people are highly educated and well above their English counterparts. Usually speaking multiple languages (French occasionally), Scotts adhere to European values far more than their English counterparts. Though small by size, Scotland is the fastest growing region of the United Kingdom by population. Predictions are placing the number of inhabitants in Scotland anywhere between 7.5m and 8m by 2050!

Proud of their traditional values, Scottish people are also of their heritage. Each city prevails somewhere to some extent, Glasgow for its Musical festivals and striving student life, Edinburgh for its financial city, Aberdeen for its connection with the Petroleum growth of the North Sea, Dundee for its countryside and student life, and Inverness for the Highlands.

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